Posted by: Jing Lasaleta | November 13, 2008

Municipal Agriculture Office

The Agriculture Services Division Office aims to sustain and enhance production in crops, livestock, poultry and fishery. Its clientele (farmers), who produces bulk of agricultural products contributed largely in its pursuit for agricultural productivity and sustainability.

Programs and Projects Implemented:

1. Crops Sector

How to Avail:

A. Hybrid Rice Seeds

B. Rice Certified Seeds

C. Vegetable Production

D. Fruit Production

2. Livestock Sector

A. Swine Dispersal

B. Animal Disease Control Work Program

C. Rabies Vaccination

3. Fishery Sector

A. Inland Fish Production

4. PAVIA IS ALIVE Program (Livelihood)

A. Swine and Poultry Dispersal

B. Backyard Gardening

C. Organic Farming

D. Integrated Pest Management

E. Home Industries

F. Horticulture and Ornamental Plant Production

G. Inland Fishery

5. Rural Improvement Club

A. Mother


6. Cooperatives

7. 4-H Club



MR. HOMER G. HUBAG – Municipal Agriculturist
Email Address:
Contact No.: (033) 3205094


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