Posted by: Jing Lasaleta | November 13, 2008

Mayor’s Office

The Office of the Mayor is the nerve center of the entire local government machinery of the Municipality of Pavia. Headed by the multi-awarded Local Chief Executive the Honorable Arcadio H. Gorriceta.

As a cornerstone of public service delivery in the Municipality of Pavia, this office sets the policies and overall direction of the local governance in terms of the development thrust and priorities in coordination with and supported by the different departments and line agencies and priorities.

Services Offered by the Office of the Municipal Mayor

The Mayor’s Office issues permits, clearances, certifications, referrals, endorsements, and recommendations to different concerned individuals and entities.

Issuance of Executive Orders and Closure Orders as well as disciplinary actions to erring employees emanate from this office. Memorandum of Agreements and/or Understandings, and different kinds of contracts are also perfected in this Office.



Email Address: &
Contact Nos.: (033) 3297229 & 3293743


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