Posted by: Jing Lasaleta | November 17, 2008

Farmers’ Information & Technology Services (FITS) Center

FITS or Techno Pinoy is an information and technology delivery service facility which is conceptualized by PCARRD, coordinated by WESVARRDEC and other consortia and implemented by Local Government Units (LGUs) and other institutions to improve access of farmers, traders, processors, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders to information and technologies in agriculture, forestry, and natural resources (AFNR).

FITS through the Regional Applied Communication Office (RACO) provides IEC materials in different formats such as print (primer, comics, leaflets, and bulletins), audio-visual, broadcast, and e-based media. A pool of experts from WESVARRDEC can be tapped to provide appropriate services and to package information and technology services for its clients.

FITS responds to clients needs through technology clinics, training, uswag information caravans, linkaging and enterprise development and other activities that could facilitate technology transfer and utilization.



Email Address: &
Contact No.: (033) 3205094


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