Posted by: Jing Lasaleta | November 19, 2008

Pavia Lad Avails Free Medical Operation

Lordan Joaquin can smile at the world now. The 13-year old teenager, from Cabugao Norte, was born with a harelip/cleft congenital disability but his deformity was corrected when Mayor Arcadio H. Gorriceta helped him avail of a free medical operation last October 13, 2008, thru the auspices of the West Visayas State University Hospital.

He used to suppress bitter tears when teased or ridiculed because of his deformity. Sadly, he has no father to defend or comfort him because he was orphaned at an early age. His mother, a frail widow of small stature, can barely sustain them by doing menial jobs as farm laborer.

Despite his difficulty in oral communication, Lordan does well in school. He is now about to finish elementary at the Mayor Gerardo Gorriceta Memorial School at Brgy. Cabugao Norte, Pavia, Iloilo.

The deformity of Lordan caught the attention of Mayor Gorriceta when the latter distributed free school supplies at their school last June 2008. Mayor Gorriceta has previously helped two students of Aganan – Ungka I Elementary School with the same defect and he vowed to help Lordan in the same way.

The stitches on the timid boy’s operation are still hurting but his self esteem is surely improving. Mrs. Loreta Joaquin, his mother, also stood taller beside him when they meet Mayor Gorriceta last June 20, 2008 because his son’s demeanor is getting better.

With the defect corrected, Lordan has reason to smile at the world. After 13 years he is now a normal teenager with high hopes and higher self esteem.


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