Posted by: Jing Lasaleta | November 28, 2008

Carabao Carroza Festival


Carabao – Carroza Festival has already gone a long way in showcasing what PAVIA as a town has – with its people. It has become so phenomenal as an event in the Region, not only for the length of its celebration but for its consistency. Thirty five ( 35 ) years is too long and for it to be continuously celebrated is indeed a feat to beat. For this, Carabao – Carroza Festival has earned the tag as ” Iloilo’s Oldest Festival “.


Celebrated in the 3rd day of May of every year. The festival’s concept of a parade of gaily decorated carabao-carrozas, carabao-carroza race and search for the festival queen under different leadership for every administration had been maintained, with great improvement in the presentation with each passing time.

Carabao – Carroza Festival will always speak about Pavia, a very small town yet very great in so many ways. It will also continue to speak about Pavianhons people who are just so – distinctly different.


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