Posted by: Jing Lasaleta | November 28, 2008

Tigkaralag Festival


Next to Pavia’s CARABAO CARROZA FESTIVAL is its TIGKARALAG Festival which started in 1992. This festival is the ONLY FESTIVAL OF ITS KIND in the region celebrated in consonance with All Souls’ Day. The term “TIGKARALAG” comes from Ilonggo words, “tig” which means “season of” and “kalag” which means”soul”.


Participated in by 18 barangays of the municipality, participants in tigkaralag costume parade themselves from Brgy. Aganan to the town’s plaza for a dance-drama competition with a storyline reflective of Tigkaralag.


This distinct and unique festival is held in the evening of October 30 every year for 17 years now.


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