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Pavia Farmers’ Information and Technology Service Center

“TYPHOON FRANK” inspires PAVIA Farmers’ Information & Technology Service (FITS) Center

by: Homer G. Hubag

          Despite the devastating effects of the killer flood brought by Typhoon “Frank”, Pavia FITS and staff were inspired by the very strong support and leadership shown by Mayor Arcadio H. Gorriceta in rehabilitating the once vibrant and beautiful town of Pavia. Following and working with the slogan “We Will Be Back”, Mayor Arcadio H. Gorriceta had everyone mobilized and gathered all assistance we could get. The Municipal Agriculture Office (MAO) and Pavia FITS immediately responded to the needs of affected farmers. Five hundred (500) packets of assorted vegetable seeds and two hundred sixteen (216) of certified palay seeds were distributed to the affected farmers and four hundred thirty two (432) bags of urea fertilizer soon followed.

          The Pavia Garden Center, which showcases the products of all its respective members, was full of different varities of blooming and colorful flowers as well as potted plants prior to the flood. The calamity has, however, left the place looking like a forgotten gaveyard and in disarray. As headed by its President, Mrs. Marina Subesa and founding member, Mr. Baltazar Gumana, it was immediately rehabilitated and was soon restored to its normal business operation. The plants and the flowers were all brought back to life.

          All these simple yet very inspiring acts, enliven everyone in the community to be part of a successful COMEBACK.




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A Seminar on Organic Agriculture was held last January 17-18, 2008 at the PAVIA FITS Center. Mr. Homer G. Hubag, Municipal Agriculturist and FITS Manager gave the opening message and rationale of the seminar.

The said seminar was organized by the PAVIA FITS Center in coordination with Provincial Agriculture Office (OPA) and The Local Government Unit (LGU) of Pavia Thru the Municipal Agriculture Office (MAO).

The seminar made the participants realize the basic health safety of organically grown plants. It was aimed to enhance the skills of farmers and other participants on the technology application and importance of organic agriculture.



The Pavia Agro-Industrial Fair 2008, held at the Pavia Public Plaza every year in the celebration of the annual town fiesta. The objective of this event is to showcase all agricultural and livelihood products of each contesting barangay and all private establishments located in the municipality.

All private establishments joining the trade fair are encourage to sponsor a half day seminar to showcase their products and sell it to the buying public. The events’ highlight is the participation of different candidates of the Carabao-Carroza Festival Queen. They showcase not only their personal skills but the products of their barangays as well.


The Pavia Agro-Industrial Fair 2008, which was held last April 25 to May 4, gathered thousand of viewers and visitors all over the province and balikbayan residents of Pavia.

This also starts the celebration of the Pavia Annual Town Fiesta with a grand parade participated by all public officials and employees of the municipality, all government institutions located in Pavia, students, NGO’s,Cooperatives and Farmers’ Association.       

This event was graced by no less than Governor Niel D. Tupas Sr. and Mrs. Myrna C. Tupas. The Ribbon cutting ceremony was done by Mrs.Myrna C.Tupas and Mrs. Suzette B. Gorriceta and assisted by Governor Tupas and Mayor Arcadio H. Gorriceta.

This was an annual event spearheaded by the Municipal Agriculture Office (MAO) and the Pavia Farmers’ Information and Technology Services (FITS) Center thru the Local Government Unit (LGU) of Pavia.


FITS information materials were displayed at MAO’s booth and flyers were given to visitors who register at such date and event.



The Farm to Market Road (FMR) Project was funded by the World Bank thru the Diversified Farm Income and Marketing Development Project (DFIMDP) of the Department of Agriculture, Regional Field Unit 6 (DARFU6).

A monitoring and evaluation visit was conducted by World Bank representative and Dr. Joyce Wendam, DARFU6 Asst. Regional Technical Director last May 28, 2008.


This project is located at Brgy. Tigum, one of the major rice producing barangay of the municipality. It has a total of 347 hectares with 502 households. It is part of the Special Agricultural and Fishery Development Zone (SAFDZ) of the municipality. This area was declared as protected agricultural area in 1999, hence it can only be use for Agricultural Development.

 The road project interlinks with Barangay Lapayon, Leganes and other adjacent areas. It enhances market access of farmers which resulted to higher yield, better quality of crops and increases income.



For the 3rd quarter of the year no accomplishment was done and documented by the FITS Center because of the heavy damage by the flood brought by Typhoon “FRANK”.


Almost all equipments and materials inside the FITS Center were damaged by floodwater which is more or less 5 feet deep.

 In a span of four months, work were primarily devoted to relief distribution and assessment of agricultural damage .



The Municipal Agriculture Office (MAO) conducted and launched the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Farmers Field School (FFS) Long Season Seminar on Vegetables at four (4) barangays namely Brgys. Amparo, Pal-agon, Mali-ao and Cabugao Sur.

This was participated by various farmers, 4-H Club and RIC members. This is a sixteen-week-long, hands-on seminar on vegetable production from Octocber 8, 2008 to February 11, 2009.

 The goal of the said seminar is to learn the diversified method and cultural management of vegetables, to enhance and improve the farming quality of  participants thru IPM, to know the basic principles and management  of organic farming method and utilize time and energy for livelihood endeavour.

This long season seminar was initiated by the Pavia FITS Center and Municipal Agriculture Office (MAO) thru the Pavia is Alive Program (Pavia Agri-Based Livelihood Program) and the Barangay Council of each participating barangay.



The FITS Manager gave a briefing and orientation to participants with the established vegetable plots of participants.



The Pavia is Alive Program thru the FITS Center conducted a 2-day hands-on training on “CHRISTMAS DÉCOR MAKING” at the Pavia Multi Purpose Training Center last November 6 & 7, 2008. This is in coordination with the Municipal Agriculture Office and the Pavia is Alive Program. Participants of this 2-day seminar were members of the Pavia Rural Improvement Club, Pavia Small Livelihood Association and 4-H Club of Pavia. This was initiated to instill livelihood awareness among rural women due to our present economic difficulties. This activity is designed to enhance management skills towards livelihood project, to create income generating and a positive livelihood activity to start towards becoming a small entrepreneur thru reducing unemployed population in the community and above all improve the quality of living thru extra income.


Also thru the Pavia is Alive Program and Pavia FITS Center conducted a half-day seminar on Swine Breeding Management and Artificial Insemination held at the Pavia Multi Purpose Training Center last November 14, 2008. This was done in collaboration with the Municipal Agriculture Office (MAO) and ASVET Inc. This was attended by the members of the Pavia Backyard Hog Growers Association and beneficiaries of the swine dispersal program of the Pavia is Alive Program. Participants were taught on the latest and improved technical practices in swine breeding and management and the advantages of Artificial Insemination to natural mating. Practicum was done at the Municipal A.I. Center located at Brgy. Pandac, Pavia, Iloilo.



Members of IPM class conducted an observation/study tour at the ORCHARD VALLEY Farm, at Brgy. Tigum, Pavia, Iloilo last January 17, 2009. This farm is privately owned and operated by the Atrium and Iloilo supermarkets, it showcases the different cultural management on organic agriculture.  It also highlights different methods on organic technology and practices. Participants were oriented and briefed about different crops grown at the farm and harvesting practices and marketed fresh at their different supermarket outlets. And they are the only vegetable farm in Iloilo accredited by the Organic Certification Center of the Philippines (OCCP).



“A YEAR-END EVALUATION AND PLANNING WORKSHOP” was conducted last December 17, 2008 at Reynaldo’s Beach Resort, Tigbauan, Iloilo. This is exclusively conducted by the Municipal Agriculture Office.



Participants were staff of the Municipal Agriculture office (MAO). This activity was done to assess and evaluate the previous work accomplished by the office.



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