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Message of Mayor Arcadio H. Gorriceta

Excerpt from the Message of Pavia Mayor Arcadio H. Gorriceta to the Parents, Teachers and Graduates of School Year 2008-2009 of Pavia National High School


I am very happy to join the proud parents and teachers of the graduates of School Year 2008-2009.

Today we are celebrating this joyous occasion because with the graduation of our children we hope for a better future, not only for them, but also for our families, our community and our country.

These children were confirmed as graduates because they have satisfactorily passed the requirements for their education. They have graduated because they follow their teachers. They have studied their lessons, they have done their homework and they passed the tests. Their teachers are vigilant in watching over them, especially during examinations because if they are caught cheating they will get a failing mark, or worse, they will be kicked out.

But in our society, especially in our political system, most government officials do not follow the noble principles taught by our teachers. Government officials are supposed to perform their jobs with utmost HONESTY and INTEGRITY.

In a democracy, Election Day can be compared to the “final examination” of what a candidate has done during his or her term of office. Sad to say, many government officials get re-elected even if they always tell lies or they were found stealing or they habitually break their promises. The reason why they always get re-elected is because they buy votes or make political gimmicks.

My dear parents and teachers, we all share the guilt and shame for failing to change the system during our time. But with resolute hope, I believe that these graduates will be able to change this crooked system in their generation. But we need to help them by setting an example. All we need is to unite our ideals and make a common resolve to make a difference here and now.

These graduates are not only the hope of our fatherland; rather, they are the fulfillment of that hope–a hope that has remained perhaps just a wish until now because of the rampant corruption in our society.

Yet, I believe in the inherent goodness of everyone. I believe that there are more sincere people than there are corrupt men. I believe that if all the good people will just remain true to their innate righteousness, we can overcome all the corruption and make a better, happier, and more fulfilled community.

Some may say that this is a tall order, but we only need to go back to the fundamental value of HONESTY, which we will expound in these three basic guidelines:
1. Do not tell a lie,
2. Do not steal,
3. Do not make promised that you cannot keep.

I challenge not only the graduates but also everybody; let us try to incalcate these guidelines in our lives. Moreover, we should make it a requirement not only for our families but also for our friends. Most especially, we should make these guidelines as our criteria when we are selecting people who present themselves to be our leaders.

My dear graduates and fellow citizes, while we lament the very sad situation of our society, with endless news of scandals, and brazen deception of the people by corrupt government people, there is still hope.

There is still time to correct the wrongs we have committed. As parents, we should undo the incorrect decisions we have made when we chose corrupt government leaders.

Otherwise, our children, especially the gradutes of this year, will judge us for the shame we have committed by losing their respect. Worse, they will imitate our wrong deeds and the vicious cycle of corruption will continue.

I commend the teachers for their noble role as second parents of these graduates. I know you have done your best despite your insufficient net pay. Your dedication inspires me to do the best for our town.

Lastly, I ask the continued support of all Pavianhons; join me as we continue to spread this CRUSADE OF HONESTY, INTEGRITY, AND DEDICATED SERVICE.

Let us be proud of Pavia! Let us be proud that we are Pavianhons!




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