Posted by: Jing Lasaleta | August 6, 2009



          The plain housewife of the late Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino, Jr. who was catapulted into Presidency in 1986 due to People Power Revolution. The 11th Philippine President.  Asia’s first female President.  A highly spiritual woman.  Well-loved by many around the globe.  She died with dignity equal to how she lived her life with the dignity of a child of God and country.

          No doubt, she’s a selfless and loving mom  – to her family and her countrymen.   Now in her toughest battle, she got the nation to kneel in prayers without her asking for it.  It’s because praying is one moral example that she has set all these years.  

          The sustained adulation was fitting, the endless queue of those near and far from her casket who want to say  “thank you” for the gift that is MARIA CORAZON C. AQUINO… THE ICON OF DEMOCRACY…



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